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Fran's Story

I was completely knocked out of the race for years with Chronic Fatigue, multiple allergies, infections, eczema from head to toe, IBS and a host of other ‘minor’ symptoms that didn’t feel at all minor to me! Plus increasing weight gain and not a clue what was wrong with me.


But my husband and I had four wonderful children to raise, a large Victorian house to renovate, several lodgers to cook for and a busy schedule and so just like you, I struggled on for as long as I possible could feeling all the while so miserable, depressed, heavy, exhausted and alone!

I had to learn where I’d been going wrong with my food and my lifestyle and how to fix it.

Changing the bad eating habits of a lifetime felt like a terrible sacrifice and hardship at first. Any change is hard right?

But once I made those changes and they became my default habits, I loved them! I loved the energy they gave to me, the eczema-free skin, the healed digestion and the strong immune system that could ward off colds and flu.

A large part of my story was learning to deal with the high stress levels that were being driven by my thought life - you may be familiar with that negative tape we often have running in our heads.


Learning how to take my run away thoughts captive and learning to be in charge of them has brought me a new sense of purpose, vision, peace and confidence and allowed my body to heal.

Important facts about me you need to know

  • I love country walks

  • I love being by the sea even better

  • I love vintage tea shops and uber cool coffee shops

  • I love homemade cakes

  • I equally love green vegetables (does this bring balance back to the universe?)

  • I love my best friend of 42 years (my hubbie)

  • My two daughters and two sons are the most awesome human beings on the planet! Hard to believe we produced them!

  • When they married they gave us the absolute best sons and daughters-in-law ever!

  • We’re still waiting for grandchildren (in your own time people…clock’s ticking!)

  • I love being a part of a vibrant church

  • I’ve probably got a few hates too if I stopped to think…oh yes, I do hate cold hard-boiled eggs but then doesn’t everyone?

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