How to fill your kitchen with delicious, natural anti-inflammatory foods.

For when you need a natural solution to aches and pains, fatigue, gut issues, skin breakouts, brain fog, headaches.

Your kitchen will never have looked so good!

Ever wanted a personal nutritionist to sort out your meals?


With a Kitchen Detox you get your very own dedicated on-line nutritionist for a whole hour - cutting through all your foodie confusion and guiding you in how to tweak your present eating habits and transform them into an anti-inflammatory, energy-giving, hormone-balancing, gut-healing feast of delights.


You choose the pace and the level of transformation - I’ll give you all the guidance you need, then you’ll decide what is manageable for you so if you only feel ready for a few small changes then a few small changes is exactly what you’ll have but they’ll be achievable so you can feel good! Equally if you feel ready to embrace bigger changes because you want to see those bigger results then go for it! I’ll be right there advising the steps to take.


1. Looking at your current eating habits

2. making key swops where needed

3. Looking at specific lifestyle issues


One hour

of undivided



Telephone call



(whichever you prefer)




for a limited period!


1. Write out a typical day's meal plan

(incl snacks/drinks)

ready for the call

2. Get pen & paper ready, to jot down your advice to get going as soon as you put the phone down

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