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What's Holding You Back From Transforming Your Health?

My own health didn’t (and couldn’t) go through the transformation that it did until the point when I became so desperate to feel better that the need to change finally outweighed the fear and discomfort of change. Before I reached that point, there were always any number of reasons in my mind why “I can’t make healthy choices today but I will tomorrow”. Of course, tomorrow never came, I’d just say the same thing again. How many of these excuses sound familiar to you?

  • “I’ve opened the packet of biscuits now so I might as well finish them but I’ll make up for it tomorrow”.

  • “I can’t afford to eat healthily, pizza and chips are much cheaper”.

  • “I feel too tired to plan ahead so end up buying a ready meal at the end of the day”.

  • “I want to eat healthily but my husband/children won’t and I can’t cook two different meals”.

  • “There are always tempting sweet treats in the house and I can’t resist them”.

Thoughts like these are common and act as stumbling blocks to every effort you make to change. The path from just ‘head knowledge’ to healthy lifestyle is strewn with these. Print off the handy list below to help you think through what's holding you back.

Once you identify that, it’s easier to work out what the answers might be to those stumbling blocks and take your food theory and transform it into a health reality in your life. 1. Motivation

  • What is your motivation to improve your diet?

  • What support/advice/encouragement/accountability/bullying do you need to motivate you more?

For me, the motivation to change the bad eating habits of a lifetime was sheer desperation! I felt so ill, that staying as I was, was no longer an option, I needed to get better. Your answer: 2. Peer pressure

  • Who or what holding you back?

  • How are they doing that?

  • Are your families, partners or friends resistant to change and hold you back from improving your food choices?

  • What resources/advice/encouragement do you need to feel like you could stand firm?

When I first started trying to improve my food choices I went through a lot of ridicule and criticism and became the butt of many people’s jokes and that was hard to press through. Then when I tried to improve my children’s diet, third world war broke out! Again desperation over my own health and the joy of what I was learning about health got me through. Your answer: 3. Deeply ingrained food and lifestyle habits that feel too hard to change

  • What negative food or lifestyle habits would you love to change (or have tried to change)?

  • What resources/advice/support do you need to see the breakthroughs?

I had an incredibly sweet tooth that demanded frequent feeding and life-long feelings of anxiety and insecurity that created high levels of stress in me (yes, stress can become a habit too). Your answer: 4. Other There may be something else that has been your Achilles heel in trying to improve your health:

  • What is it?

  • What do you need to break through it?

Your answer:


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