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Natural Alternatives to Hay Fever - Lifestyle

1. Get your sleep. 7-8 hours a night. It is during sleep that the body does its repair, healing and resetting.

2. Vitamin D. Some research studies have linked low levels of vitamin D with hay fever and other allergies. Our main source of vitamin D is through unprotected contact with sunshine on our skin. We don't want to burn but we do need 20 minutes without sunscreen several times a week. If that cannot be achieved then taking a vitamin D supplement as a tablet or spray can be considered.

3. Manage Stress. Get serious about cutting the stress levels in your life. What do you need to say no to? What negativity do you need to exchange for thankfulness and gratitude? Get up a regular exercise plan set up along with regular relaxation times.

4. Give up cigarette smoking and avoid smoky atmospheres.

5. Reduce your exposure to chemicals such as household cleaners, air fresheners
, perfumes, traffic fumes.

6. Cover mattress and pillows with anti-allergic covers.

7. Be vigilant against dampness or mold in the home i.e. fix leaks, regularly clean window frames.

8. Hardwood or vinyl flooring instead of carpets plus regular vacuuming helps to keep down dust levels and the amount of pollen walked into the home.

9. Wearing sunglasses especially wrap around sunglasses helps to protect your eyes from pollen. Contact lens can cause pollen to become trapped in the eyes so you could consider going back to wearing glasses during the worst periods.

10. Cooling the eyes can bring some relief i.e. a cold compress or slices of cucumber. Some people find cold milk dabbed on the eyes is also an effective remedy.

11. Eat local honey. It is thought that exposure to small amounts of pollen in locally produced honey may desensitise you. Ideally, start two months before the pollen season.

12. Get tested for food intolerances so that you know if there are any other foods you need to avoid.

13. Work with a professional to heal a leaky gut if that is an issue

14. Find out if a candida infection could be playing a part. This questionnaire will give a good indication. If so work with a professional to resolve.

What have you found effective in bringing relief to your hay fever symptoms? Share them in the comments below.

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