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10 Ways To Feel Better About Yourself

One reason life gets so serious is that we give ourselves such a hard time with our perfectionist expectations and this often stems from our deep-down dislike of ourselves.

There's a famous saying that runs something like this, “Love others as we love ourselves”.

'As we love ourselves’... that can be the impossible bit!

Learning to like yourself can be the missing key that finally unlocks the door to the healthy changes you have longed to see in your body.

Mind first, body follows!

If we don't love ourselves, we don’t care for ourselves as well as we might and this can be why we self-sabotage our attempts to become healthier, lose weight, lower blood pressure or whatever it might be.

Loving ourselves is never about being narcissistic, navel-gazing, self-important or selfish but rather it's about having an honest acceptance of who we are - our strengths and weaknesses, character traits, personality and sense of humour.

It's about not wishing we were someone else and not fighting who we are but embracing our uniqueness and liking ourselves.

For many years I kept myself at the bottom of my priority list. Nobody else put me there, I did it. There were times when I longed to take a day off and head for the seaside or to spend some money on a massage but I wouldn't give myself permission to do them regardless of how stressed out I felt or how much I needed them.

I waited for others to read my mind and give me permission to do those things and to reassure me that it was ok. Nobody did of course, they can't, so consequently I carried on being stressed and feeling sorry for myself but now blaming everyone else!

So how can you turn things around and change the negative thoughts of a lifetime?

1. Make the decision that enough's enough and you're ready to change.

2. Rediscover your laugh! Children laugh dozens of times a day and naturally feel good about themselves. A proper laugh lowers your blood pressure, switches of your stress reactions, relaxes your muscles, boosts your immune system. Read more benefits here

If you can laugh at yourself and see the funny side of your present situation, your perfectionist streak is kicked to the side and your self-esteem will begin to rise.

PLUS the world instantly seems a brighter place, possibilities present themselves and your day takes a positive turn.

My video on the benefits of a laugh

Laughter is the simplest and quickest way to show yourself some love - it's free and instant. It can be done alone, with a friend OR a complete stranger! PLUS it makes you feel AMAZING!

3. Book into your diary regular times of relaxation. Starting with a once-a-month treat i.e. a massage or day out. Then book in a weekly rest, I recommend a whole day away from work or the daily grind. Doesn't have to be anything expensive, just a rest from your usual work. Finally small daily moments such as a few minutes of deep breathing, a funny episode of your favourite TV show or a phone call with a friend.

4. Develop gratitude. Keep a thankfulness journal where you list 5 things a day you were grateful for.

5. Don't hold grudges. Grudges tie you to the person who hurt you or let you down. Forgive them so you're free to enjoy your day!

6. Forgive yourself! This may have to be a daily requirement depending on how much of a perfectionist streak you have. Picture that you are talking to a friend, and be as encouraging and supportive to yourself as you would be to them.

7. Figure out what your values are and stick to them. Don't be swayed by what others say. Know what you believe and why you believe it.

8. Learn to accept criticism well. Don't take it personally, don't allow it to drag you down about everything in your life. Listen to it, assess whether it is accurate, thank the person and learn from it if it is accurate and just reject it and move on if it is not.

9. See failure as a chance to grow and win through next time. Reject the thought that you have failed as a person!

10. Change the negative tape running in your head that speaks only bad things about yourself - how you look, how you wish you were someone else, how you always fail so shouldn't even try etc etc. We all have tapes running in our head but it's possible to change the tape to a positive, happy one.

If you need help with this, check out my

LIVE WELL FOR GOOD 30 day transformational course.

Along with all the resources that you need to transform your health, the most important part of the course guides you into changing that tape so that by the end of the 30 days you are already thinking differently about yourself and you are empowered to make great choices based out of love and not fear or guilt.

It is done in such a simple but effective way that you soon forget how bad you used to feel about yourself.

LIVE WELL FOR GOOD is the best way to successfully make changes to your diet and lifestyle that deliver you the results you want?

Is today your day? Let's begin the transformation!

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