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I've Been Prompted To Start Juicing Again

I had a prompt recently that reminded me of something that was important to me that I had lost sight of.

I wanted to share it with you because maybe it will be helpful for you as a prompt about something that you’ve lost sight of too.

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I used to juice vegetables regularly every day because I was so sold on the benefits of what they did for you.

I think partly it was all of our house move and all the rigmarole that came with that. Everything went to pot for a while and some things get lost in that process don’t they?

I’d lost sight of the juicing, it felt like one thing more to do that I didn’t have time for.

But because I had this prompt recently, it’s prompted me to make the time again, that I used to have… I still had, I just had to choose it.

So I’ve made the time for juicing. I’ve dusted off my old juicer and this is the one I made today. Look at that gorgeous colour!

This is full of nutrients that are just going to go straight into my body cells, they’re not going to get slowed down in digestion, it’s going to go straight through and straight into the body cells.

It’s full of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, phytonutrients. It's full of protective compounds that’s going to keep my immune system strong and help me to stay resilient.

I’ve chosen organic vegetables because I didn’t want to be worrying about pesticides and all that stuff getting into the juice. So today we’ve got organic carrots, beetroot, celery, lemon and ginger.

The whole lemon’s gone in, peel and everything and I didn’t bother peeling the ginger, just wash it and straight in.

This was fairly quick to make and full of the nutrients.

And so I just wanted to share this with you in case this could be a prompt for you too. Maybe there’s some things that you’ve let slide just recently. Maybe you’ve just not been able to find the time for them that you used to.

Maybe it’s to give yourself a decent breakfast, maybe it’s to take the time to prepare a really good evening meal or maybe it’s that you used to prepare, making snacks for yourself and taking them with you rather than getting waylaid by all of the snacks that we’re surrounded with as soon as we leave the house.

So let this be a prompt maybe for you, that’s there’s some things that you can reacquaint yourself with, get excited about again and go through a whole new faze of incorporating those back into your daily routine.

And remember there’s no guilt attached to any of this. I don’t feel guilty that the juicing went by the wayside for a while. There’s no room for guilt because that’s just stressful and it’s a waste of time because that’s just crying over spilt milk isn’t it? It’s done, it’s in the past and I’ve moving forward today and for me it means I’ll be getting my juicer out regularly and enjoying these wonderful juices.

Let me know in the comments what you’re going to incorporate back into your life and please feel free to share this if you’ve found it helpful.

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