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Hi Fran Penberthy here, nutritionist and health coach


I know so well how it feels to REALLY want to feel well again. To reach the realisation that food really is the answer, to want to go against the flow, eat right, change the bad habits of a lifetime ...but...

 Somehow you still end up each day frustrated at yourself for your lack of willpower

  Your good intentions on Monday are still dissolving into comfort eating by Thursday

  You can't withstand the foodie temptations all around you

  The people in your life aren't helping you change, in fact they're actively trying to discourage you

           Skipping meals and/or grabbing ready meals at the end of a long day is second nature

           You're so busy and you can't see any spare time to make changes

The right food has the power to change your life!

Deep down, you know that.


That's why you have goals and desires, that's why you invested in LW4G - You want to feel a success, you want to feel well again, to have the energy you used to have, to LIVE, really live your life every day, no more watching life from the sidelines. But change is SO HARD!


I've been where you are right now. I know how you feel, I know the obstacles you're facing and I know how to come through it and out the other end, to a place where eating really well is second nature.


Where healthy, wholefoods are what you crave but you know how to still treat yourself without going back to old ways. A place where you feel younger than ever, where you feel so good about yourself and there's no trace of the old guilt and war around food.


To get there, you need a knowledgeable friend alongside you every day, a nutritionist in your pocket...

              Keeping you clear of temptations

              Guiding you in each days choices

              Keeping you accountable

              Being your cheerleader when no one else is

              Believing in you and your ability to transform your own life

You know that 'going it alone' has let you down. It's your time to break through.


Click the button below and we'll get started right away, together, on making sure you get your transformation.



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